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Financial Guidance for Seniors and Their Families

Life’s transitions can force older family members or their children to manage a myriad of financial responsibilities. Finding documents, putting records in order, and maintaining statements and payments can be an overwhelming task.

With sensitivity and experience, On the Money helps you manage or settle personal financial affairs. Our organizational skills combined with financial savvy gives you a quick handle on personal money management. We diligently work to find all necessary records and assemble it into manageable information, turning shoeboxes filled with papers, into easy-to-read spreadsheets and organized to-do lists.

On the Money gives you the peace of mind knowing all personal financial matters are handled accurately:

• Sort and organize existing records.
• Identify all investments, assets, income, expenses, and vital records.
• Prepare balance sheets.
• Establish household budget and reconcile bank statements.
• Perform prep work for legal counsel in matters related to estate settlement or planning.